Monday, 6 May 2013

Makeup Wishlist- Other

Hi guys! This is the fourth post in my 'Makeup wishlist" series. This is the 'other' wishlist- these items have not been included in the previous 3 'Wishlist' posts I've done (Nails, lipsticks and bases). For that reason it has very few things on it (which is probably not a bad thing for my bank balance).


  • Soap and glory supercat eyeliner- I've heard great things about this felt-tip eyeliner! It is meant to have a very sharp nib, perfect for evening out wonky winged liner! I am a big fan of the L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss because I find it so easy to apply and it doesn't smudge or transfer throughout the day- hopefully this can live up to those expectations!
  • Fashionista blushes/eyeshadows- I've tried one of Fashionista's eyeshadows, which didn't really impress me as it was mostly glitter, but hopefully the matte shades are more pigmented! The main selling point of Fahsionista powder products is that you can buy a quad palette to put them all in for £4, without having to messily depot them. The only thing that put me off is the name- a little try-hard, no?
  • Rimmel Santa Rose blush- I am constantly on the hunt for a blush that doesn't make me look like I've been slapped, as due to my pale complexion some of the blush shades are a little too "natural"for comfort. This one seems to be a pinky-peach with gold shimmers running through, which will be a shade I haven't yet tried- I'll keep y'all updated!
  • MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rosevoussontbeauetbelle mentioned this blush in her "everyday products" video, saying that it was just right for her pale skin, so I want to try this product to see if this is the case for me! I love the healthy glow a blush can give-but only if it is the right colour!
  • Garnier 5 second blur- I recently saw this advertised on TV, and was instantly intregued. How can a white primer improve imperfections and pores with no makeup over the top? At £12.99 from Boots it is a little more than I'd like to pay for a primer that I've not seen any reviews about, so I'm going to wait until there are a few reviews floating around the interwebs!
That was the last 'wishlist' of this series! 

Have a great week everyone and please let me know in the comments your current makeup wishlist!

emillie x

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