Monday, 29 April 2013

Makeup Wishlist- Bases

Hi Guys!

This is another 'Makeup wishlish' installment, on foundations and concealers! Enjoy!


  • Revlon colour stay foundation- This foundation is very popular with the youtube beauty community, and is, I gather, a full coverage foundation. I also believe they do this is quite a pale shade, so at the moment this is top of my wishlist!
  • Max factor experience foundation- I have heard FashionRocksMySocks go on about this foundation, mainly because there is a very pale shade available. I believe it is a full coverage foundation, and retails for about £10.
  • Bourjois healthy mix serum- I really want to try this foundation, however the lightest shade seems just too dark! This is a problem I have with most foundations, so instead of buying it anyway (as I would have a few years ago) I'm going to wait and hope that they release some more shades-I have tried the original healthy mix foundation, and the shade I had in that was the palest shade (51), and it was still slightly too dark in the summer! 
  • Revlon nearly naked foundation- This foundation seems like the perfect summer foundation as it is quite a light foundation. The only thing putting me off buying it is that the palest shade seems just too dark! 
  • Soap and glory kick ass concealer- I've heard that this concealer is meant to be good, and at the moment the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is just not working for me as I find it can be drying on my spots, so I'm currently in the market for a new one.
  • L'Oreal true match foundation- The main reason I want to try this foundation is that *fingers crossed* they may have a shade pale enough for yours truly!
  • Gosh xceptional wear foundation- I haven't heard too much about this, and I haven't tried much from Gosh so I think this foundation may be a good place to start? Also, some other pale youtubers use it, so hopefully there is a nice pale shade!
So that is my foundation wishlist! What's on yours?

Hope you have a great week!
emillie x

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