Monday, 8 July 2013

Top Apps

Top Apps

Hello everyone,
Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite iphone apps as I personally love discovering new wonderful apps!

1) Instagram is a major favourite! It's great for when you're trying to kill time waiting or you're just bored! I love all the artistic, inspiring photographs from some of my favourite users (beautyandsomebeef is a really lovely food Instagram).

2) Timehop is an app that revisits your posts on social media on the day you go on the app every year... I'm not explaining this very clearly, so just download the app and you'll see!

3) PicCollage is a really good photo editing app which allows you to create cut-out collages. 

4) RUA2 or Rainbow Unicorn Attack 2 is an action game but with a rainbow unicorn as the main character. You only have two controls- jump and dash, and using those two controls you have to jump over gaps and 'blast' through star-crystal things! 

5) Snapchat is an infamous photo messaging app, enabling you to send videos or pictures to your friends for a maximum of 10 seconds. I always send the most flattering pics of me to my friends!

6) The Daily Mail is another good app for when you are bored and it is especially good on the tube as it works off-line too! Yes, the quality of the articles is not great, but I never tire of reading the "my sister had an affair with my husband and got pregnant with quadruplets" type stories or "My body started eating itself" and it is a good quick way to keep updated with current affairs.

So, those were my 6 favourite apps of the moment- comment below letting my know about yours!

Emillie xo

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