Monday, 1 July 2013

Holy Grail products

Hi guys!
Sorry for the absence but I'm in the middle of my GCSE final exams! I'm sure most of you know how stressful this time is!

Anyway, today's post is going to be all about my holy grail products, which I've repurchased time and time again and just could not live without!

- St Ives Face Apricot Rejuvinating Face Scrub. I didn't use this scrub for a week and my skin went a really odd, bumpy texture, where I guess my skin was just really clogged up. I then used the St Ives scrub, and straight away there was a noticeable difference and my skin was back to normal. Since (and before) then I use the scrub when i wash my hair, which is around every three-to-four days, and my skin remains clear and of a smooth texture. Also, this scrub is a brilliant drugstore find at £5 but has often been on offer.

- Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. I've repurchased this lip balm about 6 times now and never foresee stopping! It moisturises the lips instantly and keeps them so, you don't need to reapply it too much during the day and it isn't at all glossy (so good for image conscious men too!). It also has a wonderful minty fragrance, which I love because it is a non-offensive smell- I don't know anyone who strongly dislikes mint- and it also makes your breath smell minty! 

Those are my two holy grail products- I know, not many at all but I truly love these two, and I'll be sure to do another post when I find more holy grail/most repurchased products!

Thankyou for reading!
Emillie xo

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