Tuesday, 20 December 2011

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Welcome to Emillie's Messy Drawer, my blog about everything. Mess. Maybe one day this blog will be as messy and filled with unrelated crap as my bedroom? Who knows?

Christmas is coming up, and I am so excited!!! I've asked "Santa" for a Wii, because when all the other kids were getting those for christmas, I was getting an iPod or a DS. DS'S ARE COOL. Anyywaaayyyy so now I'm 14 I want a Wii. I've also asked for some black dm's, a new watch and a cool hot water bottle cover.... I will upload pictures of the day, of course!

As for other peoples presents, I'm almost sorted.... with 5 days till the 25th time is running out.... I still need to buy a Tshirt from David and Goliath for my best friend of 7years, and a present for my other bestie, but she's muslim, so I think if my present's a little late, it wont matter too much.... I've got my brother some Home Simpson Slippers, where you put your feet in his mouth and a face wash, body wash and facial moisturiser from Plain Lazy, as he doesn't wash his face, and needs to. Badly. I have got my Mum Hugo Boss Orange perfume (75ml), slipper socks from Primark (She asked for them, i tells ya!) and a mascara and a nail varnish. As for my Dad... I'll give him a voucher for me not to talk to him or disturb him from work for 24hrs-he'll love it. Every year we ask him "What do you want?!?" and he says "Peace and quiet" so this year he'll get just that. For a day.

I will post pictures of the presents on christmas day, it's just that I wrapped them up before I created this blog and wrote this blogpost!!!

Lots of love and Merry Christmas'
Emillie xxxx

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