Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Harry Potter marathon


I'm so so so so so so so so so so excited! Today (In about 20mins) I'm leaving my house and going to my best friend of 7years' house, and we'ra gonna watch all the Harry Potters. According to google it will take 23hrs. So, we are having a sleepover and a eat-a-thon, then in the morning once we've finished all 8 movies, we will play just dance, to try and work off all that food and laziness. Fun.

Then my family and I are going to Leeds, to visit some family friends. The plan was to stay there two nights, then drive up to newcastle, where my Grandparents live. Unfortunately, my Grandma has a chest infection, so my Granddad doesn't want me and my brother and my mum and my dad and my dog up there to give her any more germs. So, the new plan is for us to visit our family friends, stay there for one night instead of two, drive up to newcastle, then stay there for one night, drive back down to London on Christmas Eve and then spend Christmas at home, but my Dad to stay up in Newcastle with his parents fro Christmas day.

I am glad that we can stay at home for Christmas, because this means I can use my Wii when I unwrap it, and that I can go sale shopping on Boxing day with my muslim best friend. We can also celebrate with the lodgers, who would probably be at home on their own for Christmas, so we can now play board games, share our roast with them and all that.

What are yo doing for Christmas? Something fun I hope!

Merry Christmas!

Emillie xxxx

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